Embrace Life’s Blessings

It’s Post #1 in what’s anticipated to be a fun-filled adventure of sharing all life’s blessed moments!


This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally HERE! An official blog to keep y’all updated on life’s adventures. Not just mine, but yours as well. You just might not realize it 😉

We all have different lives, right?

Some crazier than others. Some busier. Some more fun. Some really boring. Some uneventful, others full of jazz.

Whatever it may be that you’re experiencing in life [then or now], take a look back and think about those little things that made you extraordinarily happy. Those little things that you’ll never forget. Those little things that caught you off-guard and gave you the warm and fuzzy feeling. Those little things you didn’t notice while they were happening, but rather after the fact! Those are what I like to call blessings!

Most of the time we don’t realize they were there until looking back, right? Example: You were traveling and hit a few detours. Although unexpected and definitely unwanted, they happened. You were stalled, had to stay the night somewhere other than your destination and you were now a day behind.

BUT, you made it to your destination. You made it safely and re-figured your life out. Amidst that [small delay], you were able to spend more time, one on one with your family. You got a hotel room, ordered pizza, rented a movie, played a few games and you survived the night! In fact, you enjoyed your night. So much that you’d do it all over again. That! is a blessing! 🙂

And THEN! There’s those that are right in front of us! The blessings that come every day, the earthly reminders that God is there and is with us! My children are one of those reminders! Though some days they drive me to pull my hair out, most days (every day) they are making me proud, encouraging a smile and reminding me to remember life’s simplest moments.

You found your missing baby doll? Hooray! You drew a picture of a helicopter [that looks like a splatter painting, actually (though some are worth millions)]? Let’s celebrate your artistic ability! You peed on the potty? Let’s all Happy Dance to that one! Those tiny moments are the reminders in our life. What may be little to some may be ginormous to another.

Celebrate the small tasks, for those small tasks are only pit stops to the MAIN EVENT! Those small tasks that seemed so “silly” then, now become distinct memories you’ve forever cherished in your heart! Am I right?!

Remember that amidst the crazy life you’re thrown at times, there is always sunshine, somewhere! Take that quick second to stop. Look around. Acknowledge the small things. Embrace those [hidden] blessings!



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