On this Mothers Day, I just want to…

It’s Mother’s Day! The day that Mom’s long for….or do they?

Basically, it’s just another day! Another day of breaking up arguments. Another day of wiping butts. Another day of having to clean and cook.

Because what happens if on this blessed Mother’s day, we don’t do those things??

The aftermath – overtime! YEAH! Overtime, for a Mom who already works 25 hours in a day!

How does overtime work, then? SIMPLE – the life that we had the day prior to Mother’s Day, that’s a breeze! Remember that day when you woke up, did the laundry (and put the clothes away), cleaned the dishes, mopped the floor, scrubbed the toilets, cooked 3 meals (plus 2) for your family and yet you managed to make it to the gym for 2 hours?

Great! So basically take that day, multiply the work by 2 and discard the gym…the only time that you truly had to yourself!

A day off would be nice, but a day off would mean that I don’t get to be Mom! If I’m not cooking, cleaning, bathing my kids, doing the laundry, cleaning again, kindly asking my kids to be nice, again…cleaning, reading books and tucking my babies into bed, then I’m not experiencing what I know best – Being MOM!

Don’t get my wrong, we could all use a little breather at times (most times), but in the event that Mother’s Day is just around the corner… Oh! hey, you’re here again?! …I thought I’d share some things that I want for this Mother’s Day!

#1 – To poop in peace! YEP! I jumped right into that one. But let’s be real, it’s not something that only I experience. I know this, because I laugh with fellow Moms about it.  Why is it that they won’t listen to us when we ask them to a) get dressed, b) clean up their toys, c) stop fighting over the darn elmo doll, d) finish their food and e) just go to bed. BUT, the minute they aren’t paying attention to us and we think we can sneak off to *do our duty* in peace, it’s like a little radar gun went off in their room. They had the slightest care in the world when it came to what Mom was doing, but the minute she snuck away to …ahem…poop in peace, they NEED mom! So then you’re left with the door open, reading a book to them with your chin on your hands and your elbows on your knees. “Maybe next time?!” Way to be hopeful.

#2 – To shower without an audience! Since we’re already in the bathroom, why not?! SERIOUSLY, again with the peace and silence. Why doesn’t it exist when we truly want it to? Oh yeah, because we’re Mom! There is no better sight than trying to shower, to cleanse your body and having two little mouths smooshed up against the shower door glass, making silly faces at you OR simply demanding that they now have to poop!

#3 – To eat a cupcake without having to share! People ask why some Mom’s are so skinny. Well, it’s because they’d rather not eat that delicious chocolate cookie/bar/cake because they know their children will want some and, let’s be honest, who wants to go through that sugar high alone?! Not me! So, they just don’t snack and eat unhealthy food. But then there are the other Mom’s who are stuck at their plateau and can’t figure out why they won’t just lose those last 10 pounds. (HEYYY! Waving hand here) Could it be, perhaps, that because you are like Mom A (up above here), you don’t sneak in those snacks/treats while they’re awake. Instead, you indulge in those goodies when they are sleeping. You know, at 9/10pm. The time that you’re not supposed to eat sweets/carbs/food for that matter.

#4 – To drink my coffee while it’s still hot! Ohhhhhhh, don’t tell me that you haven’t found yourself reheating your coffee mug (with coffee still in it) for the 4th time until you just give up, forget about it, and then find it again when you’re heating up dinner! Well, that’s me! It’s another reason why lately I haven’t had breakfast with my kids. I drink my coffee while they fight over who is going to look at the back of the cereal box. THEN, when it’s finally my time to eat, they’re ready for their mid-morning snack (jump up to #3 – I now get to share my breakfast, too).

#5 – To watch the news without an argument on why Paw Patrol is better and more important! I. JUST. WANT. TO. WATCH. THE. NEWS. SO. I. CAN. TRY. TO. ADULT. AND. KNOW. WHATS. GOING. ON. IN. THE. WORLD. RATHER. THAN. WATCH. A. CREW. OF. TALKING. PUPS. SAVE. A. CAT. FROM. A. TREE.

#6 – To grocery shop from the car! I know, this is actually a thing now. You can shop for your groceries online, schedule a time to pick them up and then wait outside while the store clerk/worker brings your groceries out to you. OK, so maybe I just need to suck it up and start doing, rather than complaining about how much easier it would make life.

#7 – To watch a TV show, LIVE! You know, instead of using Hulu or DVR! I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to sit down, at night, and watch a TV show from start to finish, without interruptions, unless I was using an auto-recorded program.

#8 – To say no and that be the end of story! “No” is the most expected and unwanted response with children. For once, can I just say No and get an “Ok, Mommy!” Too much, isn’t it?

#9 – To have a full-time nanny! I stay home with my kids. You mean to tell me, I shouldn’t need a nanny? Ok, I get it…sort of! But, wouldn’t a nanny be nice for those times that you want to do #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8?

#10 – To be Mom! And, if I’m being honest, being Mom means that I don’t get #1-#9 every day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because in the end, if tomorrow didn’t come, what is the one thing that I want most? HINT: It’s not a want, it’s a need! I need to be their Mom. For them and for me. I need to be needed by them. I need to be interrupted in my daily life, to remind me not to dwell on some things and to take those necessary brain-breaks. I need for them to tell me they Love me, over and over again! I need to hear them cry when I say “No,” so that I can redirect them to the appropriate response and help them work through these minor issues in life. I need to be their Mom. I need them, as much as they need me!

So, while there are many things in life that I want on this *special* Mother’s Day, the most important want is what I get to experience every day.

I think deeply of a few friends this Mother’s Day. Friends that have lost their babies. Friends who have been trying, unsuccessfully, for years. Friends who have lost their own Mothers and friends who have never known theirs. Friends who have had babies, and then fought to keep them.

As a mother, I need to appreciate this role that God has given me, more, for there are some who aren’t as lucky as I am. They are forever in my hearts and prayers! Some long for interrupted poops, chaotic showers with distractions, sharing their cupcakes, drinking cold coffee, watching paw patrol, arguing in the grocery store, watching recorded TV shows and to be talked back to.

So, to all the Moms out there – you know who you are, Happy Mother’s Day!

Now, excuse me while I grab a cookie and sneak out into the garage to eat it!




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